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We’ve put together this Q&A section to help answer and questions you may have before you stake.

An epoch on the Cardano blockchain refers to the specific time period during which various activities related to the network’s operation are organized and managed. Examples include the creation of new blocks, the validation of transactions, the distribution of rewards to stake pool operators and delegators, as well as the execution of network upgrades and protocol changes. Each epoch lasts around five days, and Cardano’s Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is closely tied to this concept. The division of network operations into epochs ensures efficient management and contributes to Cardano’s scalability and overall functionality.

When you stake your ADA, it remains safe and secure in your wallet. Staking simply allows the pool to include your ADA in the pool’s total stake count, which increases the chance of being chosen to create the next block. If the pool successfully creates a block, rewards are earned and distributed among members based on their stake. Your ADA never leaves your wallet during this process, and you can freely move or unstake it whenever you wish.

Your first reward payout will take place during the beginning of the 5th epoch.  This means you’ll see your rewards 25 days after your first start delegating.  After the first reward payout, you will get payouts every epoch (5 days).

Every epoch (5 days), 340 ADA (the protocol fixed fee) is subtracted from all rewards made by the pool.  After the fixed fee is subtracted, the pool variable fee (0% for our pool) is removed from the rewards next.  Finally, the remaining ADA is distributed to delegators based off relative stake.

Yes, unlike some other blockchains, Cardano allows you to move your ADA freely while staking.  Your active stake will be updated automatically without any input required.  This goes the same for adding ADA to your wallet.  When you add ADA, your active stake will be reflected by the next epoch.

For delegators based in the U.S., we recommend signing up for a Coinbase account to purchase ADA from your bank account.  For delegators outside of the U.S., visit CoinMarketCap to see a list of verified exchanges to purchase ADA from.  Once you have purchased your ADA, you can then withdraw it to your Yoroi wallet to stake.

Staking only has a one-time fee of about 2 ADA for initial delegation.  Other than that, it is completely free.  Once delegated, you can still send and receive ADA and your stake will automatically be reflected in the next epoch.